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At the beginning of October, WGEA launched the GEI3 Pay Equity data for 2014-15 accompanied by their 2015 pay equity report card, as well as a case study from theCommonwealth Bank on pay equity.

As part of that report, WGEA announced that the number of employers conducting a gender pay gap analysis has increased 17.6% in the past year since they launched their pioneering campaign – In Your Hands. Our role as a Pay Equity Official Supporter is a vital part in shifting attitudes and behaviours on this important gender equality issue.

WGEA is pleased progress is being made, the majority of employers (73.7%) are yet to make a regular pay gap analysis a business priority, and many don’t take any action after analysing their data.

As such WGEA looks forward to continuing to work with our members to raise awareness of how gender bias can create imbalances and what actions can be taken to close the gaps.