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To build on past research and act on the recommendations to assist eS4W to understand Australian Women’s current views, issues and concerns and deliver that message to Government.


Care economy

“Dealing with the complexities of the Care Economy” – engage with the wider Care community, to ensure increased awareness, understanding and engagement by both the public, NGOs and the media, of the priorities, problems and in many cases complex issues faced by many in the sector.

Women and Work Parliamentary Friendship Group (PFG)

Engage with The Parliamentary Friendship Group on women’s lifelong economic security – Highlights the work and projects being covered by eS4W and its member organisations; inform and educate members on the issues facing women entering or staying in the workforce today, relying on eS4W and its member organisations to raise awareness of the many issues facing women today.

Gender disaggregated data collection and analysis

Continue representation on the ABS Gender Statistics Advisory Group; (GSAG) and participate in the next phase of the current GSAG Gender Indicators Review. Develop an Advocacy Strategy to attract User Funding of a App and Paper based Time Use Survey

Why a Time Use Survey?

Time use surveys (TUS) provide information essential to measure and contextualise economic activity and identify opportunities for greater national productivity.

A Global Impact on National Issues eS4W​

Understanding how global agreements impact on policy and legislation in Australia.  economic Security4Women’s e-paper looks as why it is important to understand the role and impact of International Agreements on National Policy in Australia