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eS4W’s objective is to improve opportunities for women in non-traditional occupations and emerging industries with a focus on challenging gender occupation stereotypes for girls.
eS4W continues to engage member organisations and external stakeholders – including individual women – in the identification and raised profile of gender specific career exploration projects, role models and mentors. And continue to engage with government (federal, state and territory) and its agencies and promote to them the findings of the Career Exploration research and the economic and social benefits of applying a gender lens to career guidance.

Introduction of the Modular Online Time Use Survey (MOTUS)

Show you support – A Time Use Survey: the why, the who, the need, the when and the how.

#EPD2017 support women in sport

Women in all sports have been fighting for a decade for a level playing field – equal pay for equal value. So are we. How did they get this far and what does it mean for women playing and leading in sport today?