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To raise awareness and contribute effectively to development and implementation of policy that impacts women living in Australia and ensures women’s equal place in society, in particular in the Government’s priority area of improving women’s economic independence and financial security.


To undertake activities with a focus on

  • increasing the financial literacy and independence of women with a focus on engaging and educating young women and girls
  • strategies to improve women’s superannuation and retirement savings
  • actions to be undertaken on the recommendations for… Coping with the Hazards of Separation; Economic Security – Women’s Financial Marathon


Let’s start thinking outside the box.  

There is an array of reforms needed to fix the problem with women’s superannuation. These have been covered in earlier eS4W Whitepapers and in research from other thought leaders. Eliminating the gender pay gap, raising the superannuation guarantee charge and superannuation contributions
for carers are reforms that will further enhance the accumulation of retirement savings. Some ‘non-mainstream’ solutions can also contribute to women’s superannuation balances. Fintech companies can help. In particular, having superannuation contributions paid in the form of a shopping rewards scheme is one such innovation. One fintech, Super-Rewards, sees cash payments to a women’s superannuation fund according to spending in retail partners

Economic Security4Women Connection Program, QLD & WA

20 female Queensland & WA business leaders located in very remote Queensland & WA, in a drought-affected area, have been awarded the opportunity to participate in the The Economic Security4Women Connection Program. This exciting program is offered through Femeconomy Partner economic Security4Women (eS4W), and funded by the Australian Government’s Building Better Regions Fund.