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eS4W has a fantastic group of member organisations who, together, have extensive networks in urban and regional Australia that support our consultation.

Membership with eS4W is open to any organisation that has a primary interest in women and women’s issues, has a national focus, supports the principles and objectives of eS4W and is prepared to work collaboratively on national policy issues affecting women.

If your organisation is interested in becoming a member of eS4W please contact our Finance & Project Officer at for an informaton pack.

For an outline of the responsibilities of the Members and the Management Group please view: MG and Council PDs 280911revised20131014

View the following page for a list of eS4W’s members, partners, management group members and management.

How Women Owned Businesses Impact Women’s Economic Security

Women business operators have high levels of life satisfaction (57 per cent were pleased or delighted with the quality of their lives, 30 per cent mostly satisfied).
The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey found across every year of their longitudinal data (2001 to 2011) that self-employed women had higher job satisfaction than all other female workers.


#EPD2017 support women in sport

Women in all sports have been fighting for a decade for a level playing field – equal pay for equal value. So are we. How did they get this far and what does it mean for women playing and leading in sport today?