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eS4W’s recommendations for 2021-22 Budget and beyond.  Stephen Koukoulas, eS4W’s economist in residence delivered our recommendations to the Women & Parliamentary Friendship Group on Thursday 6th May 2021

There are many great ideas and policy insights dealing with the economic security of Australian women – the list of issues is growing given progress in enhancing financial well-being is patchy

While detailed, accurate and relevant background research is an essential ingredient to understand the issues impacting women’s economic security, eS4W aims to bring this material to constructive policy recommendations that can be acted upon by policy makers

As part of this process, eS4W continues to work closely with its member alliances to generate achievable and worthwhile policy recommendations, all of which are specifically targeted at women’s financial security

eS4W has produced four recommendation papers for government, corporate and civil society to review and commend through affirmation and policy actions, to improve women’s economic security and leadership aspirations across Australia.

The recommendations for each have evolved from our recent White Papers, Discussion Papers and Issue Papers available at

We implore you to take these recommendations as urgent for consideration and action.  The papers highlight each Issue, Recommendation, Rationale, Implementation and Conclusion (ie the what if this occurs, will be the outcomes for women)

Women and the Future of Work

Leadership Styles and Gender Imbalance

The Economic Security of Women in regional, rural and remote Australia

How Women Owned Businesses Impact Women’s Economic Security