eS4W is one of six national women’s alliances and is made up of 19 women’s organisations who are united in the belief that lifelong economic wellbeing is a high priority for Australian women.

Economic security enables women to make choices and live independently; it enriches all aspects of their lives and those of their families including their education, health, employment, personal safety and financial security.

eS4W engages with Australian women to identify the issues they face and establish those of primary importance. The outcomes from our consultations contribute to national policy reform relevant  to the lifelong economic well being for women.

These include pay equity, access to relevant and affordable education and training, access to financial planning and superannuation, childcare, carer needs, and retirement income equity.

Our work has also incorporated other issues that affect women’s capacity to achieve economic certainty such as the consequences of violence and access to services for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous women.

eS4W aims to to adopt collaborative and inclusive processes that reflect the breadth and diversity of women, their interests, their ability and their circumstances.

Equal Pay

BPW Belmont 2010

Don’t be short changed!

Left to right: Caboolture Charter Member Joy Leishman; Local Member Mark Ryan; Caboolture President Kimberly James; VPIP Membership Director Kellie Grunberger

Equal Pay Day

Cross, Mullen, Gerog and Jackon BPW Coffs Harbour

Equal Pay for Women