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Young women can now find out what they always ‘wanted to know but didn’t ask’ about the job opportunities many people think are closed to women.

From today, fantastic and inspiring women who work in male dominated occupations and industries ‘tell all’ on a website designed to encourage secondary school students to consider ALL work opportunities.

‘Girls can do anything’ highlights:

• as role models, some of the many talented women working in ‘non-traditional’ jobs

• points to the pathways to these jobs and

• links to a range of innovative programs that encourage girls to explore all careers

The Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Women, Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash, said she is delighted to see initiatives like this website.

“We need to encourage, inspire and equip young women in Australia to have careers in male dominated industries. This website is a fantastic resource that highlights how young women and girls can pursue a career in science, technology, mathematics and engineering fields. Importantly it shines a spotlight on the talented women who are already in those industries, proving that girls really can do anything”, Minister Cash said.

Parents, career teachers and other career development practitioners can use the site to encourage young women to explore ALL careers and work opportunities.

“The website we launch today is not the final product and is not intended to be. As more role models join our project, the site will have changing faces and updated information so young women can return to the site during their school years” said Ms Sandra Cook, Chairperson of economic Security4Women (eS4W), an alliance of women’s organisations that developed the website.

“Young women in Australia consistently do better than young men in secondary school, but they are still less likely to look to the high-income, in-demand careers based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) or in the skilled trades; and this is where the future job opportunities in Australia are the greatest. This situation denies employers the talents of some the best and brightest; it also contributes to the gender pay gap and does nothing to address gender inequality” said Ms Cook.

“Women into male dominated occupations and industries’ is one of the key issues identified by our members to improve women’s long-term economic security and increase gender equality in Australia. This site is one step towards those goals”.

“Through this website we aim to assist young women to convert their school success to career success” Ms Cook added.

View the site here http://www.security4women.org.au/rolemodels/

Senator Cash comments on “Girls can do anything”