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Equal Pay Day 2014:

Female friendly workplaces good for big and small businesses – and they offer more than equal pay

  • Small business performs well on pay equity
  • Large business performs well on flexibility and parental leave
  • Supporting women at work makes business sense – regardless of organisation size


Each year, eS4W acknowledges Equal Pay DayEqual Pay Day
as a reminder of gender inequity symbolised by the
Gender Pay Gap that has reached 18.2 per cent in 2014.

Last year we held two events that continued our focus on pay equity within the SME sector.

In response to the recommendations from the forum, we have been working on the pay equity website (, a checklist for women about employment negotiations and an animated video on family friendly workplaces.

This year, eS4W is holding a series of events around Equal Pay Day and we are inviting the National Women’s Alliances to join us, to acknowledge this financial dimension of gender inequity.

In September, eS4W will launch its Family Friendly Workplace video and is taking advantage of the co-incidence of Equal Pay Day and MoneySmart Week to launch the on-line checklist.

Monday 1st September – Launch of ‘Know your value’ career checklist for women in time for MoneySmart Week

Tuesday 2nd September – National Pay Equity Forum focus on SMEs: Report back and Launch of Family Friendly Workplace video

 Wednesday 3rd September – National Financial Literacy Conference

  • Member of Panel: Gender pay equity and the on line career checklist for women as a teachable moment in financial literacy