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S4W Submission – EOWW Act (PDF 158KB)

16 October 2009 – The purpose of the review was to examine the effectiveness and efficiency of the EOWW Act, adn to consider practical ways to improve the equal opportunity framework to deliver better outcomes for Australian Women.

S4W Submission – Contribution of the Not-for-Profit Sector (PDF 110KB)

S4W was invited to examine the Productivity Commission’s Draft Research Report – Contribution of the Not-For Profit Sector – 24 November 2009.

2010-11 national health survey submission (PDF 32KB)

S4W’s Gender Data Working Group – 27 April 2009

Productivity Commisssion not for profit sector (PDF 41KB)

S4W provided comments to the Productivity Commission to contribute towards their Research Report – Contribution of the Not-For-Profit Section – 25 May 2009.


Pension review (PDF 512KB)

NFAW’s submission to the Review of Pnsions with its focus on measures to strengthen the financial security of seniors, carers and people with disability.

Retirement incomes (PDF 1.3MB)

NFAW’s submission on particular issues impacting adequate provision for retirement incomes for women generated by both the Harmer Review of Pensions, and the Henry Review of Australia’s Future Taxation System, and their joint consideration by Government in the current Budget cycle.

Financing child care (PDF 119KB)

NFAW submission to the Workplace Relations Committee Inquiry into the Provision of Child Care.


Promoting and protecting women’s human rights in Australia (PDF 127KB)

WomenSpeak Alliance submission to the National Human Rights Consultation – 5 June 2009

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Introduction of the Modular Online Time Use Survey (MOTUS)

Show you support – A Time Use Survey: the why, the who, the need, the when and the how.

#EPD2017 support women in sport

Women in all sports have been fighting for a decade for a level playing field – equal pay for equal value. So are we. How did they get this far and what does it mean for women playing and leading in sport today?