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Why does Pay Equity matter?

For individuals and society as a whole, gender equality is a matter of fairness and equity. Opportunities in life should not be determined by gender.

Closing the gap: improving Australia’s economy

There is a large body of research that highlights how encouraging more women into paid work, as well as closing the gender pay gap, will contribute to our economy.

For instance:

If the gender pay gap was reduced by just 1 percentage point, from 17% to 16%, Australia’s GDP would grow by 0.5%
The gender pay gap of 17% between working women and men costs the Australian economy $93 billion each year, equivalent to 8.5% of GDP.
If the impact on the gender pay gap from discrimination and other unknown factors to do with being a woman were removed, the resulting increase in Australian women’s wages would add $56 billion or 5.1% to total annual GDP.
Introducing more flexible working arrangements could reduce the gap between men’s and women’s earnings and potentially increase GDP by up to 9%. This is because such a change should make it possible for women to spend less time out of paid work despite their caring responsibilities.

Introduction of the Modular Online Time Use Survey (MOTUS)

Show you support – A Time Use Survey: the why, the who, the need, the when and the how.

#EPD2017 support women in sport

Women in all sports have been fighting for a decade for a level playing field – equal pay for equal value. So are we. How did they get this far and what does it mean for women playing and leading in sport today?