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ABC News are hoping you can help them increase women’s participation in a new ABC News personal finance series directly targeting women (and using their burning questions to guide coverage decisions!).

ABC News is running this series overtly for women in recognition that overall they …
• Earn less than men
• Have less money in superannuation
• Are more likely to have career breaks
• Have lower levels of financial literacy
• And are at increasing risk of homelessness in later life.

The intention of this series is to help women to become more confident about money and have the skills and unbiased information they need to shore up their own financial future.

In coming weeks and months, they hope to source questions from all kinds of women on their experiences and difficulties with money and provide them with useful and practical answers.

In each story they publish, they are including a simple callout form for questions (which you can also see on this page) which allows them to collect questions from wherever the link is posted into a single database.

How can you help? It’s easy! You can:

  1. Share this Facebook post from ABC News and ask your own network to send in questions using the form in the article.
  2. Write your own Facebook post about the series including either link to this story.
  3. RT this Tweet thread with a comment encouraging women to send in a question using the form in the article.
  4. Inform your professional network and friends about this project and ask them to spread the word!

They are looking to source and collate questions from women from all kinds of different locations and backgrounds and situations – the idea is for women to tell the ABC their priorities for money topics to cover and your help in spreading the word is invaluable.

Other stories we have published already include info on how to budget, lessons from a 73-year-old woman, and how to combat economic abuse.

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