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COVID-19 pushes out timeframe to gender economic equality by 4 years

MEDIA RELEASE – 6am Tuesday August 18th, 2020

Key results


  • The timeframe to economic equality in Australia has blown out to 36
    years, up from 32 years.
  • The Financy Women’s Index rose by 2.4 points in the June quarter to a
    revised 73.7 points but largely as a result of male underemployment
    conditions deteriorating faster than female.
  • The Index was helped by an increase in the number of women on ASX
    200 boards which rose to 31.3%.
  • The Index was held back by gender gaps widening in the participation
    rate, full-time employment numbers and the gender pay gap.
Financy Women’s Index – Media Release – 18 August 2020

The pandemic impacts progress & timeframe to economic equality

Financy Women’s Index April – June 2020

The best way to move Australia forward on economic equality is by taking action on various recommendations which have the potential to contribute to business and economic growth while advancing women’s progress.

The following recommendations have been made in collaboration with economic Security4Women, Femeconomy and Advancing Women in Business & Sport.

  • Closing the Superannuation Gender Gap
  • Closing the Gender Gaps in Wages and Employment
  • Challenging Gender Dynamics in Education
  • Closing the Gender Gap in Unpaid Work
Financy Women’s Index – Report