The Findings

economic Security4Women (eS4W) undertook research and data collection through the second half of 2015 and the beginning of 2016.  The project Lifelong Economic Wellbeing for Women in Australia research (2015) was undertaken as part of an informed dialogue to ascertain the perceptions of and issues of Australian women concerning their economic empowerment and wellbeing throughout every decade of their lives. The research reveals the fiscal challenges and/or opportunities that impact women economically, including the cumulative effects of intersecting advantage and disadvantage on lifelong personal wellbeing and financial security.  This research also continues insights into the eS4W longitudinal study on women and work.  Read full report here

Subsequently eS4W compared their national consultative work undertaken in 2003; 2006; expanded in 2010 (care economy) and 2015 results  – click here – to learn more.

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