Ability to cope with changing economic conditions

eS4Ws primary area of concern “lifelong economic wellbeing for women” includes a focus on the ability of women to cope with changing economic conditions.

In 2009 this led S4W to commission a scoping study to assess the impacts the Global Financial Crisis was having on Australian women (including young women), and the outcomes for such women, of Governmental responses, i.e the economic stimulus packages, programs with a stimulatory impact, and training and re-skilling projects.

The study initially assessed efficacy and equity in measures announced and commenced and developed options for improvement in efficiency and equity outcomes.


The degree of economic security a woman has will contribute to her ability to cope with changing economic conditions.

In 2015, the aim of this section is to identify the impacts of changing economic conditions on women’s lives and to identify some ways in which they have adapted to changing conditions.

This area may identify gaps in policy, services, and may also give an insight into the way in which women change their lifestyles due to changing economic conditions.

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