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Policy recommendations to boost women’s economic security

Boosting Economic Security for All Women

Read eS4W_White Paper_Defining the Concept of Economic Security for Women and start the conversation for civil society to absorb consider and have dialogue around the concept of economic security for all women living in Australia.

The objective of eS4w’s White Paper (author, Stephen Koukoulas, Market Economics), is to raise awareness and contribute effectively to development and implementation of policy that impacts all women living in Australia and ensures women’s equal place in society, in the Government’s policy priority area of improving women’s economic independence and financial security.

The current policy approach to childcare, superannuation, education, jobs and financial literacy is not keeping up with changes in social attitudes, structural changes in the economy and demographic changes.

The paper brings together research and analysis of specific issues that feed into the overarching issues of economic and financial security for women.  We are grateful for the efforts, thoroughness and insightful nature of that work. This paper highlights some of the policy reforms that will be needed if women’s financial and economic security is to be enhanced.

It is a next step in the process that will inevitably be built upon as steps are taken to improve economic security for women.