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Femeconomy has partnered with The 30% Club and leading Australian Board Directors to develop a Gender Equality Procurement Toolkit, to support organisations to implement procurement strategies that create gender equality across their supply chains, and foster ethical supply practices. Femeconomy have also developed an example Gender Equality Procurement Policy that is targeted towards Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Currently women owned businesses access less than 2% of the global procurement market, but represent about 34.8% of Australian business owners. As a key stakeholder with a commitment to promoting gender equality, inclusion and diversity, we wished to share these resources with you in consideration of implementing procurement strategies that create gender equality.


  • The Workplace Gender Equality Agency 2020-2021 Employer of Choice Citation criteria includes measures of gender responsive procurement, stating “your organisation must have procurement guidelines that encourage gender equality across your supply chain”. The Toolkit and Policy are designed to help organisations on that journey.

About Femeconomy

  • Femeconomy educates consumers, business owners and budget owners on how their purchasing decisions can create gender equality.
  • Femeconomy identifies and amplifies companies that have at least 30% women on the Board of Directors or are 50% female owned.
  • Companies with female leaders are more likely to have workplace flexibility and less likely to have a gender pay gap, so they are helping to create gender equality for their employees and communities.