Girls can do anything

Today women are working in every occupation and in every industry. Many women are loving the sense of achievement that working in male dominated occupations brings, not to mention the better pay and conditions.

So it makes sense for young women to break out of traditional, narrow occupational choices and find out about these other options.

‘Men's work’ tends to be better paid and more likely to offer the chance to build a business that can accommodate the flexibility that women often seek.

Traditional men's work, where women make up less than a quarter of the workforce, unfortunately is often regarded (by men) as more important, and in some cases allows more independence, than comparable ‘women's work’ —where women make up the majority.

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About this website

This website highlights:

  • some of the many women working in ‘non-traditional’ jobs,
  • points to the pathways to these jobs, and
  • includes links to a range of innovative programs that encourage girls to explore all careers.

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Role models

Highly visible examples of women successfully working in non-traditional occupations and industries are essential to broaden the career aspirations and expectations of young women. These examples cut through gender stereotypes.

Gender stereotypes and perceptions about subjects and career options 'suitable' for young women are often reinforced in schools and families.

Such stereotyping limits the career choices of young women and creates barriers to increasing their participation in the better paid, non-traditional occupations.

Negative experiences and/or perceptions of male-dominated workplaces often discourage young women from even exploring these non- traditional and in demand jobs.


Michelle Redfern – Banking

I am new to banking but my skill set and experience means that I can make a difference to NABs operational efficiency which means its customers and its people benefit.

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Nicole Caran – Chef / Teacher

Since I was 13yrs old I have had a passion for cooking……..I have done many other careers including becoming a Remedial Therapist but it was always cooking that I came back to and decided to follow.

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Karen Austria – ICT

Believe in what you are passionate about. If you have an idea in the Digital technology that you think will help revolutionalise a problem then lead by example and those who believe in you will follow and provide support and open doors to bigger and better adventures.

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Kristy Fleming – Charity

I wanted to spend my time and effort making the world a better place. It is wonderful that I could make a career out of it. International development is challenging, humbling and motivating.

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Factoid …

Young women’s employment options can be limited by persistent stereotyping and negative perceptions about and experiences of women in non- traditional occupations. 
Examples of women successfully working in these jobs can expand their ideas about work.


There are many different pathways students can take to study a non-traditional occupation. Your career pathway is the journey you take to reach your goals. You decide what Pathway is right for you.

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