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Towards a Sustainable Economic Future:  Women and vocational education and training.

Australia’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) system makes a significant contribution to the country’s economic success. As the system charged with the responsibility to provide citizens with the employability skills and knowledge required by industry and the workforce, it is of significant importance to Australian women.

This report is based on research conducted for Security4Women (S4W) by WAVE that focuses on women and girls to identify priority areas and accommodate diverse perspectives and needs of women in VET, rather than generalize for all women.  Since 2004, the approach to ensuring equity for women in the Australian VET system has been a mainstreaming strategy named as “integration with visibility”. Although the number of women and girls studying in VET continues to increase, research demonstrates that the VET system is still not equitable, especially for disadvantaged women and girls. Nor does participation in VET lead to equitable employment outcomes for many women.

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