2007 Projects » Lifelong Learning and Work related Education


In 2003, Security 4 Women (S4W) undertook research to gain a representative view of women’s priorities regarding lifelong economic wellbeing. 3000 women were surveyed Australia wide. The women, regardless of age, economic background and socioeconomic status, identified five high priority areas: work arrangements to help balance family and other responsibilities; affordable education and training for all ages; equal representation in management and leadership; equality of male and female wages and salaries; and education about financial and economic issues (Doughney J, McDonald F, Pyke J, Lyon A, Leahy M &Rea J/S4W 2004)


In 2004/2005 S4W after consideration of available research activities, and in collaboration with WAVE, invested in a major research project with the focus on lifelong learning, with a specific focus on work-related education and training, for women and girls. This project consisted of five small-scale (vignette) research projects to investigate identified priority areas (see Appendix One). The research was funded through the Australian Government’s Office for Women (OfW) and enabled S4W to propose policy direction and strategic suggestions to better facilitate economic security for women. The research agenda was set within the broad global/local context of lifelong learning and OECD global policy priorities.


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