2005 Projects » Women, Saving and Superannuation

S4W identified superannuation as a significant issue for women in early 2004.  S4W organised a series of activities and consultations to determine what the issues were and how they might be tackled;

  • S4W held a Superannuation Roundtable in Melbourne in May 2004
  • S4W held a series of fora in QLD, VIC, SA to establish primary issues for women, including their understanding and management of superannuation
  • S4W contributed to the development of questions for the ASFA survey of superannuation funds that was reported in Ross Clare’s paper “Why can’t a woman be more like a man – Gender differences in retirement savings”
  • S4W presented a paper at the ASFA conference in Adelaide in November 2004

S4W conducted a national survey to seek the views and experiences of Australian women in relation to their knowledge, understanding and management of their own superannuation.

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