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Our major work in 2003/2004 was a major research project, which involved the What Women Want Survey (PDF 150KB) completed by over 3,000 Australian women.

The top three issues identified as important for themselves and for women generally were:

• Balancing work and family and other responsibilities
• Affordable education and training for all ages
• Equal pay for women and men doing the same job

The research report identifies the varying factors that enhance or hinder women’s ability to seek or choose pathways to acquire economic sustainability, including those that may not be plainly apparent.

Download What Women Want Summary July 2004 (PDF 195KB) or contact the Project Office for a copy of the full research report.

From our work identifying what women want we produced a policy paper that provides an excellent overview of the issues affecting women and their wellbeing particularly in education and training.    Download What Women Want Policy Paper May 2004 (PDF 236KB)

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