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WAVE, with the support and funding of S4W, has now released their Policy Background Paper:  Women and Vocational Education & Training: Strategies for Gender Inclusive VET Reform (PDF 747KB).  This is a critical time for us all to promote the inclusion of women and girls as evidenced by the contents of both the COAG reform Agenda, and the establishment of a new ‘equity’ model for VET nationally through NVEAC. The Recommendations paper (PDF 141KB) summarises this urgent focus. An Overview Paper (PDF 195KB) is also available.

An up-to-date policy paper building on and extending previous WAVE & S4W work and priorities (including new trends) for information and advocacy.

The national policy “Women: Shaping our Future” (albeit never properly implemented) is due to expire 2010.

Without national policy guidelines for women and girls, especially those most at risk, there is no platform from which to advocate for and argue that any consideration should be directed towards girls and women in this major portfolio area, at national or state/territory levels.

Vocational training is a key central tool in federal and state government’s economic policies, strategies and economic stimulus packages to address the global economic downturn, and specifically to stimulate the economy; to link training with paid employment; to decrease unemployment of youth and other welfare recipients, as well as to ‘deepen’ Australia’s skills base.

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