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S4W believe female workforce attachment is important, both for national productivity, and women’s life-long economic security. The provision of good quality, affordable care and education including OSHC is essential for the economy and for all parents.

We are concerned about current financing arrangements for child care and are focusing our strengths and collaborating with our networks to refer the issue to the Productivity Commission for thorough review and recommendations on new arrangements.

In collaboration with NFAW we have submitted on reform of child care ( including OSHC) funding to both the Henry Review of Australia’s Future Tax System, and the Senate Committee- which will start hearings in early July. We presented at the HoR standing Committee looking at Pay Equity and argued about inadequate access to child care/OSHC and other factors affecting female workforce participation. In collaboration with NFAW and AHRC we commissioned a news poll and have that as a supporting set of data- dealing with work-life balance, and OHSC.

Letters have been sent to the Prime Minister, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Minister EEWR, Parliamentary Secretary Early Childhood, Minister FAHSCIA, Minister for Women highlighting our concerns and suggestions for future policy.

We welcome the following:

  • The recent Government work through COAG to enhance minimum standards for under five’s.
  • Family friendly working environments on parents’ return to work,
  • Policy to develop links between early childhood care and other social institutions such as schools, TAFE, health centres.
  • Australian Federation of University Women (AFUW) have written a submission to the Senate Inquiry into Provision of Childcare supported by Security4Women.

More information is available here:

AFUW submission into Child Care Provision (PDF 26KB)

NFAW Supplementary Submission into Child Care Provision (PDF 119KB)

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