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From a Gender Perspective

Our primary area of concern “lifelong economic wellbeing”  led S4W to commission a scoping study to assess the impacts the Global Financial Crisis is having on Australian women (including young women), and the outcomes for such women, of Governmental responses, i.e the economic stimulus packages, programs with a stimulatory impact, and training and re-skilling projects.

The study initially assessed efficacy and equity in measures announced and commenced and developed options for improvement in efficiency and equity outcomes.

Similar aspects of Governmental responses to the GFC were also be studied in comparable economies.

This will form the basis of representations to Government(s) over time to make adjustments to their programs and policies.

The Australia Institute Report, The Impact of the Recession on Women, was launched by ACTU President Sharan Burrow on August 24 2009 at the World Congress of the International Industrial Relations Association, and generated a high level of public and media interest.  A copy of the report can be downloaded here:

The impact of the recession on women – background paper (PDF 601KB)


The four national alliances of women’s organisations, together with the NFAW, have been supporting a program during October-November of consultation workshops on the report in all capital cities and several regional cities- see background papers below.

Each of the Alliances, together with the NFAW is contributing to the costs of the project.

The objective of these workshops was to generate a further national report, which will illuminate the statistical material with the lived experiences of women as they seek to overcome the obstacles preventing them from accessing the work they seek.

The consultations identified the specific obstacles associated with access to re-training and to age-appropriate child care for the women.

Marie Coleman, Chair of the NFAW Social Policy Committee,  facilitated the consultation workshops. WomenSpeak will send a project officer to provide support at each event, and to assist in preparation of individual summaries of consultations, as well as the writing of the consolidated national report.

It is hoped that a national report can be launched and provided to  State and Commonwealth Governments, with recommendations for policy changes, in early December.

In addition, Senator Claire Moore ( Lab. Qld) hosted a cross-Party meeting in Parliament House Canberra, on 28 October to offer Parliamentarians an opportunity to learn more about the issues.

David Richardson, author of the first TAI report will speak, and will release a second, supplementary piece of research which will address the potential benefits of Government investment in the women who are the hidden unemployed.

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