2009 Projects » Collation Project: 2004-2008

Over the past five years, Security4Women has undertaken a number of key consultations and research activities, most of which include significant information and findings of importance to women, and include recommendations for government policy and action and suggestions for monitoring and review. Collectively, these reports have the potential to provide a ‘longitudinal’ database for S4W, and further inform OfW.

S4W contracted an experienced researcher, Robin Miles, to collect, collate, analyse and critically review S4W’s major research and consultation reports for the period 2004- 2008 inclusive; and prepare a report, highlighting the key findings, trends, issues, and identify matters for which follow up and action is still required.

The S4W Collation Project was completed in December 2009 and a copy of the report is attached as Attachment 3.  The project identified that over the five year period S4W produced 28 major written outcomes or other products. The report examines four outcome types – consultations, reports with recommendations, advocacy and other products.

The report also looks at the possible impacts of S4W work by thematic areas that have produced written or documentary outcomes. These thematic areas include:

  • overarching policy
  • women and work
  • education and training
  • financial literacy
  • housing
  • young women
  • international policy
  • social security – pension review

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