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Our major consultation for 2008

Focus: why Governments, industry and the broader community need to specifically focus on housing issues for women; to put “gender and housing” back on the political agenda and to conclusively reinforce why it should be considered now.

S4W thought it was time to reassess, plan for and accommodate the diverse housing needs of women. The stark reality for many women (and their families) is that they will be less economically secure across their lives and into old age, if they do not have access to appropriate housing.

Final discussion paper has been completed and presented to the OfW and the Minister.

Next steps:

Support and participation at National Women’s Housing Conference in Melbourne in August 2009. Designed by Women’s Housing Ltd (Vic) to discuss both; broad issues of women and housing and:. specific issues of women in the community housing workforce.

We feel this is very topical right across the country as the Federal and State governments look to develop their social housing provision through the community housing sectors.

S4W – women and housing summary paper (PDF 716KB)

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