2008 Projects » Commission on the Status of Women

S4W initiated a workshop prior to a meeting with the OfW in November 2008 to enable members of Alliances, OfW and other representatives to better understand the key themes, and prepare recommendations to OfW for input to the country statement.

Co-ordinator attended the pre-departure briefing session in Canberra with the OfW.

Next Steps:

As this is the 5th year review of the Beijing Platform (B15) S4W are collaborating with Carole Shaw in the rollout of the caravan for the B15 process and support of the ā€œEā€ questionnaire. As an extension to this S4W website will link with the Jera International weblink.

More Info – Country Statement (PDF 252KB)

More Info – CSW Report 2009 (PDF 93KB)