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16 May 2012 – From Parenting Payment to Newstart: not a fair deal without vocational education and training.

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16 May – 2012 – Swings and roundabouts – comment on the 2012 Budget – Read more

27th April 2012 – eS4W supports Dr Ford’s concern with the representation of women in Queensland; ranked level, on international scales, with countries that deny full citizenship rights for women.

eS4W response to QLD LNP member


27th April 2012 – eS4W would like to know, without a dedicated Minister for Women:

  • who will represent Queensland on the COAG Special Interest Group: Women’s Issues
  • who will manage the relationships between the Queensland Government and both the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission and the Equal Opportunity in Workplace Agency and
  • who will manage our other international treaty obligations concerning the rights of women?

eS4W response to QLD Govt re Minister for Women role