economic Security4Women welcomes Government extension for Women’s Alliances funding

economic Security4Women (eS4W) applauds the Minister for the Status of Women, Julie Collins, for her ongoing commitment to the National Women’s Alliances and their three year extension of funding until 2016.

“This new funding will provide eS4W with the funds needed to further promote improved gender equality, women’s workforce participation, care work – paid and unpaid –  and Education and Training of Women and Girls”, Ms Sandra Cook, eS4W’s Chair said.

eS4W believes that lifelong economic wellbeing is a high priority for Australian women.  Economic wellbeing empowers women to make choices and live independently. It enriches all aspects of women’s lives including their education, health, employment, personal, safety and financial security over their life time.

eS4W engages with Australian women to identify the issues they face and establish those of primary importance. The outcomes from our consultations contribute to national policy reform relevant to the lifelong economic wellbeing for women. These include pay equity, access to relevant and affordable education and training, access to financial planning and superannuation, affordable and available qualilty childcare, carer needs, and retirement income equity.

Sally Jope, eS4W’s Policy Advisor stated “I’m very excited about the opportunity to continue to advocate for Australian Women on issues such as insecure work and equal pay.  The extension in funding provides the certainty we need to act upon the recommendations from our key works such as “Counting on Care Work in Australia” report.”

A copy of the Minister’s Media Release can be viewed here – 130212 MR – Government extends funding for Womens Alliances