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Support for domestic violence workplace protections «

Domestic violence is a work place issue that needs action to reduce and limit the impact on women’s economic well-being and on workplace productivity. Recent research by PwC[i] anticipates a cost of app $2B to the economy from lost productivity due to domestic violence but the greatest financial burden is on individual women. Today, as […]

Men out-earn women by $27,000 a year: new data «

26 November 2015: World-leading data covering four million employees in Australia reveals there has been some progress towards workplace gender equality but stubborn pay gaps persist across industries, occupations and management categories. The second year of data collected by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency covers 12,229 employers and represents over 40% of employees in Australia. […]

WGEA Data Explorer – launched 26 November 2015 «

Women make up 50.2% of all non-manager roles in the Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s data, and only 15.4% of CEO positions. Visit the WGEA Data Explorer to find out more about workplace gender equality and find out how your industry is performing:

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and White Ribbon Day «

To mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and White Ribbon Day, the Government has called on all Australians to do everything they can to end violence against women. Earlier today, the Prime Minister addressed the annual White Ribbon Day Breakfast at Parliament House. The Prime Minister reiterated that all violence […]

That inspires respect «

The sixteen days of activism against gender violence runs from the 25th of November to the 10th of December each year.  A group of awesome students from Glenroy Secondary & Brunswick Secondary have created ……..  

2015 Equal Pay Day Video and Animation – please share «

eS4W Member – BPW Australia is a community of women affiliated with BPW International, who focus on issues that affect women and work. This video coupled with motion graphics shows the highlights of the 2015 Equal Pay Day Event.

Proposed Family Tax Benefit saving robbing Pauline to Pay Peta «

While less appalling than the Government’s original proposals, the revised Family Tax Benefit (FBT) reforms are unlikely to have a significant effect on workforce participation, particularly in those states and territories with high unemployment, claim a range of workforce experts including the National Foundation of Australian Women (NFAW), Equality Rights Alliance (ERA), economic Security for […]

The majority of employers are yet to make a regular pay gap analysis a business priority «

At the beginning of October, WGEA launched the GEI3 Pay Equity data for 2014-15 accompanied by their 2015 pay equity report card, as well as a case study from theCommonwealth Bank on pay equity. As part of that report, WGEA announced that the number of employers conducting a gender pay gap analysis has increased 17.6% in the […]

Lifelong economic wellbeing – Consultation 26th October – Melbourne «

Monday 26th October: WIRE is holding a face to face consultation with women to talk about issues that affect their economic wellbeing – to learn more about the issue and to participate visit – To learn more about the issues visit

Lifelong economic wellbeing for women in Australia «

From today, until mid November, a national alliance of women’s organisations is encouraging all women to have their say about their lifelong economic wellbeing. economic Security4Women is seeking women’s views on their economic empowerment, workforce participation and their savings for retirement. “We will be exploring the capacity of women in Australia to participate in, contribute […]